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Tischenko Alexey

Tischenko Alexey Viktorovich was born in Omsk on May, 29th, 1984. A weight category of 60 kg. Twice Olympic champion. The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 57 kg in Athenes (Greece, 2004). The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 60 kg in Beijing (China, 2008). The World champion (China, 2005). The owner of a command Cup of the world (Moscow, 2005). Europe champion (Bulgaria, 2006). The World champion among youth (Cuba). The silver prize-winner of championship of the Europe among young men (Greece). The champion of Russia. The deserved master of sports of Russia on boxing.

Vladilen Lekh’s Novel "Long fight with a shadow"

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The theme of the book project: comprehensive investigation of a way of becoming of an outstanding sportsman of Russia Alexey Tischenko: the deserved master of sports of the Russian Federation, the Olympic champion, the world champion and the Europe , the numerous champion of the country on boxing. Questions of family education in a modern society on an example of parental family of the Olympic champion are considered. The special subject line is devoted to Vyacheslav Lemeshev who the same as also Alexey Tischenko, won Olympic Games in 20 years. Other names: A.Harlampiev, K.Gradopolov, N.Korolev, I.Bagaev, A.Lebzjak, A.Ostrovsky... There are the episodes, devoted to development of boxing in Siberia in 30 and later years of the last century. It is told about trainer's destinies on an example of the deserved trainer of Russia L.N.Kisilev and other experts. In the project there is the subject line devoted to modern Moscow where the author met with known in the world of sports people

The Literary and art edition.

Vladilen Lekh’s Novel Long fight with a shadow

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