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Tischenko Alexey

Tischenko Alexey Viktorovich was born in Omsk on May, 29th, 1984. A weight category of 60 kg. Twice Olympic champion. The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 57 kg in Athenes (Greece, 2004). The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 60 kg in Beijing (China, 2008). The World champion (China, 2005). The owner of a command Cup of the world (Moscow, 2005). Europe champion (Bulgaria, 2006). The World champion among youth (Cuba). The silver prize-winner of championship of the Europe among young men (Greece). The champion of Russia. The deserved master of sports of Russia on boxing.

The Open Letter to President International Amateur Boxing Federation (AIBA) Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu

Dear Ching-Kuo Wu!

With great interest I've been watching your active work as president of AIBA. You are the great scientist. Note the progress regarding the establishment of the Academy of Boxing AIBA, a certain expansion of the geographical representation of world champions and other prestigious international tournaments for the first time, as we know, in London in 2012, to the ring as a full member of the competition will come boxers women ... However, all is certainly useful innovations that have appeared over the years of your presidency, in my subjective opinion, pales when you start to explore in more detail the situation relating to the judicial practice.

After the Russian championship in 2010, which was held in St. Petersburg, we can probably talk about the colossal damage caused by boxing in recent years. Interpretation of court rules, imposed by national federations, apparently, not without your participation, led to the fact that even the final battle in droves were completed just a football score - 1:2, 3:4 and even 0:0 (!). Blows to the body is now almost fixed by the judges. Accordingly, the artificial reduction zone for a strike led to the fact that boxers have to choose battle tactics, which is dominated by defensive action. Watching from the side, as two strong athlete, helmets, gloves with an impressive, walk around each other three rounds, tightly covering his head in his hands, occasionally striking, as if on duty, strikes - the same destruction of boxing, it antiboks! This is total destruction of the interest of viewers and potential competitors to one of the most ancient of Olympic sports - boxing.

Continuing the trend of such a highly original interpretation of the rules of boxing soon, in my opinion, will lead to what will be a generation of young boxers who are genuinely puzzled by what criteria are evaluated and recognized for what one of the best boxers Teofilo Stevenson. I fully endorse the statement by the head coach of Russia Nikolai Khromov, which is up to the national championship in St. Petersburg, said that "... boxing has become uninteresting. This system, a singing, figuratively speaking, a hymn deaf protection that we have imposed from outside, kills entertainment box ... no imagination, no raisins, no desire to think that somewhere deceive an opponent, make him wrong. Who is more attentive, or physically stronger, and those advantages." The modern interpretation of the rules of AIBA actually puts me personally, is something to actually do it for the approval of combination, high-tech box, outside the competitive process, which could lead to success. Do we need a primitive boxing?

From your biography, Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, published in open sources of information, I learned that you had four years have been an executive member of the Asian Union thekvando. Thekvando - Korean form of martial arts, whose development has literally dozens of years, but the combat is already represented in the Olympics. The pace is stunning. Fighters during the fight punched, kicked, and from a variety of positions, including a jump shot. Spectacular, fast! Why do you, Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, being, apparently, a good connoisseur thekvando, are contributing to, wittingly or unwittingly, the formation of boredom in boxing, stubborn, primitive? Is this accidental? Of course, I speak not against the objective of martial arts, which have a brilliant unique story. With great apprehension I look at the creation of amateur boxing, to your submission, the World Boxing League. What boxing we see there?

At the Olympics in London, master thekvando, according to preliminary reports, speaking through an electronic system of refereeing (in electronic vests) will be installed video system for immediate response on all issues. Why, Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, you are still very timid and not always successfully embed technological advances of the new century, condemning the box on the judge's outrage at high risk of intentional and unintentional mistakes? Why would a boxer, like the masters thekvando not go to competetive electronic equipment, which is fairly and as accurately as possible to fixed the record-strokes? Must obviously consider other options that could make the development of modern boxing a new dynamic, more interesting for millions of sports fans.

Proposed statement in this appeal subject to the widest possible discussion. I would be glad if the persons concerned, judges, coaches, active athletes and veterans of the sport, will present their proposals. I hope to get an adequate and reasoned response from Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu.

Boxing is our life. We will be courageous and honest.

Wishing you prosperity,
two-time champion of
Olympic Boxing Championships

Alexey Tischenko