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Tischenko Alexey

Tischenko Alexey Viktorovich was born in Omsk on May, 29th, 1984. A weight category of 60 kg. Twice Olympic champion. The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 57 kg in Athenes (Greece, 2004). The Olympic champion on boxing in a weight category up to 60 kg in Beijing (China, 2008). The World champion (China, 2005). The owner of a command Cup of the world (Moscow, 2005). Europe champion (Bulgaria, 2006). The World champion among youth (Cuba). The silver prize-winner of championship of the Europe among young men (Greece). The champion of Russia. The deserved master of sports of Russia on boxing.

Alexey Tischenko

Tishenko Alexey Viktorovich. Deserved master of sports on boxing was born 5/29/1984. Olympic champion on boxing. The champion of Russia on boxing, the world champion among young men on boxing. He won Olympiad in Athenes in a weight category up to 57 kg . The first trainer is his father,  Victor Gennadevich Tischenko . Further, he was trained in Rubtsovsk by trainer Vladimir Ivasenko . In 16 years entered in Omsk school of an Olympic reserve. Now the student of 4 rates SibGUFC . He trains at deserved trainer of Russia Leonid Kiselyov . Single.

Akeksey Tischenko

- I gave birth him in the morning, - mum of the champion on boxing tell. – he was shown to me, and there was the sun shining in a window. His red hair are poured. Golden boy was born, they speak.

It happened in Omsk on May, 29th, 1984. And there is something prophetical here. Confinement began in the way. Tishenko came back from the Tyumen area where went to stay for a while, but in Omsk it was necessary for make an emergency stop .

Alexey was born in family of sportsmen, therefore it was no wonder, that he had firmly decided to connect the life with boxing. He became the champion very quickly.

- When both parents, and the sister are sportsmen, - deserved trainer of Russia L.N.Kiselyov speaks, - you do not notice, how are involved during a life of sports.

Akeksey Tischenko

His first trainer was his father - Victor Tischenko.

He was born in Omsk but than Alexey with family moved to the Altay city Rubtsovsk where started to be engaged in boxing. The present world champion gained his first victory at 12-years age, on his first official tournament. Then Alexey Tischenko became the best at championship of Rubtsovsk in a category up to 26 kg.

Till 16 years the today's world champion took part in many tournaments spending in this small Altay city, and achieved high results .

Omsk accepted Alexey hospitably and in second time when he arrived to 16 years for study. Here the qualified trainers - Alexander Medvedev, Alexander Bubennov and first of all Leonid Kiselyov - developed Alexey Tischenko's talent .

Both Alexey Tischenko's parents have a higher education. Marina Aleksandrovna ended Novosibirsk institute of engineers of a railway transportation, Victor Gennadevich anded Omsk institute of physical culture. When Alexey was 16 years old , father advised son to continue his education in Omsk. By the way, Barnaul was considered by the Tishenlo-senior too. But the head of regional federation of boxing reacted somehow languidly then to the request to promote with the device of son in the regional center. As a result Alexey, already champion of Russia among young men during that time, went for limits of edge .

Akeksey Tischenko In an Olympic team the 20-years Siberian had been taken at the last minute. The main trainer of Russia combined team Nikolay Khromov counted in a weight category up to 57 kgs on other, more skilled sportsman - Raimkul Malahbekov from Elista , but that has lost in a quarterfinal of the championship of Europe. And Tishenko got a chance to earn the personal Olympic license through the International federation of amateur boxing. For this purpose it was necessary for win qualifying international tournament in Warsaw.

He won it! Probaly, contrary to Khromov doubts, who consider that Tishenko is a weak part. One business - the checked up fighter, the silver prize-winner of Olympiad in Sydney and double world champion Malahbekov, another - the 20-years guy who is not having any rather large success in man's boxing. Most likely, the sports journalist Alexander Blenky, who commented Olympic tournament of boxers, relying on opinion of the main trainer first, estimated Tishenko’s chances to win a champion title not high enough.

Akeksey TischenkoAbout Tishenko - the boxer

Vitaly Klichko, the boxer, the world champion among professionals:

- You can seldom recieve such pleasure from amateur fight. Alexey Tischenko held a remarkable meeting in the final fight of Olympic Games and won deservedly. I think, this guy has the big future. At least, he has shown great inclinations of the true boxer today. The champion!

Valery Bespalov, the senior trainer of a combined team of Altay edge:

This boxer has the cross-attacking style of boxing . He is ready from first seconds to strike a hard counter impact. He has the fulfilled series, he rains down them on the rival at once in the majority of fights. Alexey Tischenko has the big future, because the guy misses impacts very rare. He is very modest in a life, it is heavy to extend a word from him.

Leonid Kiselyov, Omsk trainer of Alexey Tischenko:

- I am proud of Alexey and I’m sure, that he will glorify our country and our city not once. Alexey Tischenko is the leader on character, besides, he is the real patriot, who is a fan of the Native land and the Russian sports. The true champion of boxing.